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Here’s another piece from my Facebook notes from a while back:

Well, there’s been some turbulence these past couple weeks, and it’s been busy as anything. But among all that, God is my peace, my rock and my redeemer. I somehow manage to find time to sit and just chill in his presence, and a few nights ago I came up with this little piece of imagery.

Ok, picture a diamond as big as your head. An extremely beautiful, clear diamond. Everybody’s got one of these gorgeous hunks of rock inside of them. It’s your soul! Now pour a bucket of black paint over it. Ok, well, perhaps not everyone’s soul is completely black, but most people’s diamonds are mostly covered. Think about it, is it actually possible to be perfect? Goodness, no.

This is the part that totally confuses me: some people will hold up this completely black goop-covered diamond and say, “Look at what a beautiful black soul I have.” Uh, ok…

There is also the other kind of person that will paint over their black goo with white paint. Often, it will all mix up and end up all grey and icky. Other times, they’ll end up with a white-painted diamond. It’s not black on the outside, but it’s nowhere near as pretty as the original, clean, clear diamond, and it’s still got the black goop all over it under the white paint.

Now picture a little floating white light. It’s reeeeeally bright. This is Jesus. If the owner of the soul-diamond asks, this little white light will go into the middle of the gooey diamond and start chipping away the black from the inside. But only if you let Him. Everywhere a little piece of black paint falls off, a ray of light shines through. Sooner or later, while the last little bit of paint is getting chipped away, the light glows out and covers it.

The soul I just described

Just picture it, a diamond as big as your head floating there in the middle of the dark world, glowing like a star. Rainbows glint off the surface here and there, it’s a beautiful sight!

Thanks for reading!
~Another Jesus Freak


Most of the people around me have heard of God and Jesus and all that, but lots of them don’t hardly seem to care. I don’t get it. They’ve heard the Good News, and complain about a sucky life and don’t connect the dots. Now I’m going to connect them for you. Jesus makes your life GOOD. He doesn’t always make it easy, but you know you have Someone to turn to when you’re down, and He takes care of everything so you have PEACE. You can’t say that about your wishy-washy relationships and upside-down life, now can you?

Imagine the perfect guy. Multiply the “perfect” factor by two. Most importantly, he’s kind, gentle, loving, and humble. Now, imagine he’s your best friend. Awesome, right?

Ok, now think of all the bad stuff you’ve done. (There was that time, at that party, you reeeeally wanted to impress him/her, so you… Then there was that time when you were bored, and you… Oh, and don’t get me started on how you were soooooo mad that time that you…)

Right, now remember Mr. Awesome? He’s never done anything wrong, literally. Yes, that would be humanly impossible, but this is your imagination here. So, Mr. Perfect has to stand trial for all that nasty stuff you did. He didn’t do any of it, but he gets the death sentence anyway. Your best friend!!! Three days later, however, when some of his friends go to his grave, there he is gone. (Newfie all the way, b’y!) They turn around, and he’s standing right behind them, as alive as ever! It might sounds crazy, but wouldn’t you be relieved? Your best friend’s back from the dead!

This stuff really happened. It was Jesus, if you haven’t guessed. He loves you. He wants to be your best friend. You can talk to Him like He’s you friend! Just like, “Hey, what’s up?” and everything, no need for fancy “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name” kind of language. He doesn’t want you to be under a set of rules, He wants you to be free. Isn’t that what you want, too?

Finally, Jesus doesn’t want you to be punished for all your bad stuff, so He took your punishment when he was killed on the cross. The question is, will you accept his offer?

Thanks for reading!
~Another Jesus freak

P.S. This is from my one of my Facebook notes from a while back, if you thought you had heard it before.

Being a Teenager

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Non-fiction
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This was on a friend’s Facebook not too long ago. (It’s not my writing or anything…)

A blurb I found on a friend's Facebook about the woes and joys of being a teen.

And all that sparked me to write this…

Everybody says it’s sooooo hard being a teenager. But I haven’t found it to be too bad. Actually, it’s pretty awesome.  Sometimes, we don’t realize  that whatever we do now will make either a good memory or a bad one for when we’re older. We’ve got the world at our fingertips. We’re considered responsible enough to manage our own time, and to some extent, money, while still riding on our parents’ dime for all our needs. We’ve got very few responsibilities, and we’re free as the wind. Even so, that’s no reason to be irresponsible, as so many seem to think is necessary.

Really,  do you have to mess up your body with any combination of drinking, drugs, sex, piercings, and tattoos to prove your individuality or have fun? Actually, whether you realize it or not,  it’s really only to fit in with a bunch of other people who are all going  to regret it sooner or later. Do you have to sneak out past curfew, hang out with the wrong crowd, or swear like a sailor JUST because your parents don’t want you to, and you think it’s “cool?”

Maybe it’s because I’m not irresponsible, or because, as my mother tells me, I was born mature, that I haven’t found these adolescent years to be so hard. Maybe it’s because I see the glass as half full, or because I haven’t yet experienced the “young love” everyone talks about. Maybe it’s because half my teenage years are still ahead of me, or maybe, when people say “teen years”, they actually mean “early adulthood”. Either way, all this angst is exaggerated.

On one hand, I’ve never really tried to fit in, so I’ve been spared the drama that plagues some popular people. No worries about backstabbing friends – my friends appreciate me and I appreciate them.  I also don’t have to worry about wearing the right clothes or saying the right things. On top of that, I know that at the right time, the right Special Someone will like me for me. I don’t wear make-up usually or dress skimpily because I’m not trying to impress anybody.

On the other hand, I have God. He’s a Best Friend who is always there for me, in the good times and in the bad times. He’ll never start drama and He’ll never leave me, so I’ve always had a helping hand through the bad times, and I’ve got eternal stability.

All you people who are complaining about how hard these years are, maybe you can learn something here. (I’m not going to tell you what to learn – you’ve got to figure that out for yourself.) Even just learn one thing from this.  Please, it’s for your own good.

Thanks for reading!
~Another Jesus Freak

What is Christianity? Well, I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not a get-out-of-Hell-free card. It’s not a say-a-prayer-once thing. It’s not an attend-special-services thing. It’s not even a go-to-church-once-or-twice-a-week thing. It’s an every-moment-of-every-day thing. You know what else it’s not? It’s not judgemental. It’s not burdensome. It’s not a list of rules and regulations and no-you-can’t’s. And it’s not easy.

So what is it? It’s a loving relationship, and relationships require commitment. That means talking to God daily, and learning about Him. It’s about knowing that whatever you do, you do for and with Him. Sometimes, that means going completely against the grain, but if it’s truly what God wants, it’s always the right thing. It’s about knowing that He’s always going to be there for you, no matter where you are, what people do to you or how bad you screw up.

So is it worth it? Totally. I might be considered absolutely crazy by some, (I told my friend once that I was talking to God and He was talking back, and she thought I should see a shrink), but I’ve always got my Best Friend by my side, and He’ll always love me. I might “miss out” on what some people call fun, but I’m living my life so that in the end I’ll hear those seven words from Him: “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

Thanks for reading :)