Being a Teenager

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Non-fiction
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This was on a friend’s Facebook not too long ago. (It’s not my writing or anything…)

A blurb I found on a friend's Facebook about the woes and joys of being a teen.

And all that sparked me to write this…

Everybody says it’s sooooo hard being a teenager. But I haven’t found it to be too bad. Actually, it’s pretty awesome.  Sometimes, we don’t realize  that whatever we do now will make either a good memory or a bad one for when we’re older. We’ve got the world at our fingertips. We’re considered responsible enough to manage our own time, and to some extent, money, while still riding on our parents’ dime for all our needs. We’ve got very few responsibilities, and we’re free as the wind. Even so, that’s no reason to be irresponsible, as so many seem to think is necessary.

Really,  do you have to mess up your body with any combination of drinking, drugs, sex, piercings, and tattoos to prove your individuality or have fun? Actually, whether you realize it or not,  it’s really only to fit in with a bunch of other people who are all going  to regret it sooner or later. Do you have to sneak out past curfew, hang out with the wrong crowd, or swear like a sailor JUST because your parents don’t want you to, and you think it’s “cool?”

Maybe it’s because I’m not irresponsible, or because, as my mother tells me, I was born mature, that I haven’t found these adolescent years to be so hard. Maybe it’s because I see the glass as half full, or because I haven’t yet experienced the “young love” everyone talks about. Maybe it’s because half my teenage years are still ahead of me, or maybe, when people say “teen years”, they actually mean “early adulthood”. Either way, all this angst is exaggerated.

On one hand, I’ve never really tried to fit in, so I’ve been spared the drama that plagues some popular people. No worries about backstabbing friends – my friends appreciate me and I appreciate them.  I also don’t have to worry about wearing the right clothes or saying the right things. On top of that, I know that at the right time, the right Special Someone will like me for me. I don’t wear make-up usually or dress skimpily because I’m not trying to impress anybody.

On the other hand, I have God. He’s a Best Friend who is always there for me, in the good times and in the bad times. He’ll never start drama and He’ll never leave me, so I’ve always had a helping hand through the bad times, and I’ve got eternal stability.

All you people who are complaining about how hard these years are, maybe you can learn something here. (I’m not going to tell you what to learn – you’ve got to figure that out for yourself.) Even just learn one thing from this.  Please, it’s for your own good.

Thanks for reading!
~Another Jesus Freak

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