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  1. Purpose – God created the universe, people, and me with a purpose: to please him. I tend to think of a major reason why parents like having children around: because seeing the child happy makes the parent happy.
  2. Justice – People who do bad things get punished. This should keep the world out of chaos. This also means there’s an absolute set of right and wrong. I like it when things are all black and white with very little grey area.
  3. Mercy – You don’t have to look far to see that everybody does bad things. God offers mercy, grace, and the chance to do good, through Jesus Christ, to all who want it.
  4. Friendship – God’s Holy Spirit lives within me, and I can go to God with anything, anytime, and He always listens. I am never alone. He helps me to be truly good, something I can’t do on my own.
  5. Love – God loves everybody unconditionally, whether or not they love Him back.
  6. Free will – God doesn’t force us to do anything. We can choose what we do every single moment.
  7. All-powerful God – He is always in control. There is absolutely nothing he can’t do, nothing He doesn’t know. Add that to “He loves me,” and “He listens to me,” and it’s pretty awesome.

After all, what have I got to lose?

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Posted: March 11, 2012 in Fiction
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Candlelight flickered over the table and cast a golden glow on her features. There were many lovely ladies among those in the grand dining room, but none as beautiful as her. Her lips were painted a lovely shade of pink, and they smiled, revealing a pearly set of teeth. Her eyes were soft caramel, and her chocolate coloured hair was up in an elegant bun. The black dress she wore fell so it covered one leg halfway down her calf, but revealed the other leg up to the thigh. Whenever he glanced upon her fair face, it took his breath away.

The hour had grown late, and he asked permission to escort her to her suite. With a gentle nod of permission, they rose. He took her dainty white-gloved hand and walked with her through the lobby, under the shimmering chandelier, and up the curved stairway to the Luxxe Hotel’s famous five-star suites.  He bowed and kissed her hand, wishing her a good night’s sleep. “My balcony has a beautiful view,” she said. “Perhaps you would like to see it?” His heart leapt. Of course he would.

The stars twinkled in the navy-blue firmament. Arianna rested her hand gently on the cold railing. “I enjoy being with you,” she said, “I would like to see you more often.”

Linus moved in and circled his arms around her carefully. “I would like that very much.” He hesitated, about to say more, but her eyes fluttered shut and she stretched up, leaning into him. Their lips met, and something clicked. It was as if they were the only ones in the world. He pulled away, smiling gently. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “I inherited the Billingsworth diamond.” He pulled the clear, egg-sized jewel from his pocket. “And–”

A muffled shout from below caught his attention. Black-shrouded men were moving among the shadows. He stuffed the diamond back in his pocket. “Who are they?” she asked.

“I don’t want to alarm you.” He started to climb over the rail. “Goodbye.” He looked down, searching for a foothold below.

“No.” She caught his hand. “Who are they?”

He looked in her eyes from the wrong side of the rail. “They are after the diamond. They have already gone after my family. I can’t let them get you.”

“You can’t fight them! There are too many. They’ll kill you, and take the diamond anyway.”  Her eyes were wide with fright.

“Then at least they won’t get you.” He stared to climb down.

“Come inside. You can find a hiding place.”

“What if they kill you?”

“I would rather die with you than live without you,” she said.

He climbed back onto the balcony. “You would die for me?”

“You just said you would for me.”

His brows knit in thought for several moments. “It seems like there is no way I can get out of this with both of us alive. I can only save the diamond or you.” He took out the diamond again, its sharp, icy edges glinting in the warm light from inside. Arianna took his other hand. He looked back and forth between the jewel and the woman. With a smile, he threw the diamond over his shoulder. It tinkled on the ground, and while the burglars stared in amazement, Linus let Arianna tug him inside.


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~Another Jesus Freak