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Je Danse

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Poetry
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Quand la musique joue,
Je danse.
Pour m’amuser,
Je danse.
Pour adorer Dieu,
Je danse.
Quand je ne peux pas chanter,
Je danse.
Quand le chant n’est pas sufficiant,
Je danse.
Non  pas parce que je peux,
Mais parce que je ne peux pas arrêter,
Je danse.

For those of you who don’t speak French, that means

When the music plays,
I dance.
To have fun,
I dance.
To worship God,
I dance.
When I can’t sing,
I dance.
When singing isn’t enough,
I dance.
Not because I can,
But because I can’t stop.
I dance.

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You convince them
Their lifestyle is fine
When we can both see
They’re hurting themselves.
Of course you know,
This means war.

Cheap reflections,
Facets of you,
Twisted shadows of me,
Take hold of the world.
Of course you know,
This means war.

They say to me,
“Stay out of our schools.
Our kids should be free
To go their own way.”
Of course you know,
This means war.

Then you kill them,
Rip the little ones
From mothers’ wombs.
Their infant screams haunt me.
Of course you know,
This means war.

The fight between
Your soldiers and mine
Has cost many lives.
One life is too much.
Of course you know,
This is war.

You’re thrown from your throne
To the outer dark,
With weeping, wailing,
And gnashing of teeth.
I think you know,
That was the end of war.

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Lion’s Den

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Christianity, Poetry
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Deep down in the den,
All the light is eaten
By the hungry monsters
Playing in his head.

Feline features found,
Yellow-green and glowing,
Thirsting for the blood
Of God’s holy one.

Waiting for a saviour
To take me from the night.
Can you hear me, God?
Are you there?

Rumble, rumble, roar.
The lions feast tonight.
Closing in on him,
He’s praying for death.

An angel appears above
To shut the lions’ mouths
Death has lost all power
Over God’s beloved.