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When I heard about this group that was coming to YC last fall (2014), I was skeptical. They’re such a girly-girl group, I expected music full of fluff and no substance. But I kept an open mind, and snagged a spot right front-and-center by the stage – because if nothing else, their set promised to be entertaining. Boy was I surprised. They were entertaining, yes, and utterly covered in glitter, but they are a really good, wholesome group if you like girls singing upbeat pop. They only have one album, ten songs, all on their Vevo channel, but every song is insanely catchy and they’ve all got a great message.

Sure, they’ve got some fluffy, typical girly songs – like Count Your Rainbows. But they also have tearjerkers like Daddy’s Girl – gets me every time! There’s songs that are great when you’re feeling down and out, like In The Eyes. Or, if you prefer songs you can sing to God, instead of about Him, you can listen to one of my personal favourites Live For You. The one that really struck me, though, was 1 Girl Nation which is SO Christian, and so positive even from a secular mindset. It’s all about girls sticking together even though they’re different, rather than being catty and petty to one another. Like, wow, am I right?

So… I bought the CD. I even got it signed. One of the band members recognized me from being front and centre. Or maybe it was my TARDIS hat she recognized. Either way it was cool. I played their songs on my radio show as often as I could, though not as often as I like because of CRTC rules and stuff. (But let me tell you, it’s odd announcing “And next up is 1 Girl Nation, by 1 Girl Nation, from their CD 1 Girl Nation.”) And, I think you all should go have a listen to some of them songs up there and have a look through the others.