My Beliefs

I believe there are only two forces in this world – good and evil. They come from God and the angels, and Satan and the demons, who reside in Heaven and Hell respectively. When people die, they go to one or the other based on the choices they made in life. Nobody has to sin, God made everybody with the choice to be good – but that means they can choose to be bad.

God is the Father of all mankind. He created each person with a unique personality and plan. Whether we follow that plan or not is our choice. Since God is our Father, we can have a loving relationship with Him. He listens to us through prayer, and speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, and directly though His Holy Spirit that lives in every believer. The concept of the Holy Spirit is a little hard to explain – listen to Spirit Thing by Newsboys for a better picture. If we follow His instructions, He’ll provide everything we need. He gives me peace and joy all the time, and if I was in need of food or shelter or something He’d provide that too. However, it’s not all take and no give on our part. God has some instructions for a happy life:

1. Respect the environment
– Treat animals with respect
– Recycle
– Save energy
– Etc.

2. Respect others
– No lying
– No cheating
– No stealing
– No killing
– Don’t hate people
– Etc. (Basically, treat others like you want to be treated.)

3. Respect yourself
– Don’t do drugs
– Don’t get drunk
– Don’t break laws unless they clash with God’s
– Don’t have sex until you’re married
– Don’t be gay. There’s lots of Christians out there who say it’s ok, but just read Leviticus chapter 18, specifically verses 21-23. The bit about homosexuality is squished between a verse about incest and a verse about bestiality, so it’s pretty clear that homosexuality is not a part of God’s design.
– Regard marriage as final. Divorce is only for emergencies.

4. Respect God
– Don’t go swearing, especially not with the Lord’s name. I don’t even say “Oh my God” unless I’m talking to Him!
– Worship God by doing what He created you to do – what you like and what you’re good at!
– Don’t boast. Whatever it is, skill or power or possessions, God gave it to you.

God is everywhere, knows everything, and can do anything. He’s been around since forever, without beginning or end, and He’s absolutely perfect and totally holy. He sent His son Jesus Christ to Earth as a baby, born to a virgin. Jesus was fully God and fully human. Jesus never sinned. He died as the final sacrifice, and His blood covers the sins of every human being. Because of that, God forgives anyone of any sin if they truly repent.

That’s what I believe. If you think I’ve left something out, you can contact me. If you have any questions, contact me! If you think this  (or any part of this) is a load of BS, don’t bother.

Yours truly,

Another Jesus Freak.

P.S. The above contains a list of “God’s instructions for a happy life.” That means it only applies to those who are following God. Like, if you don’t follow God, why would you care what His instructions are? Seriously. No Christian has the right to push their beliefs on anyone else.


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