Je Danse

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Poetry
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Quand la musique joue,
Je danse.
Pour m’amuser,
Je danse.
Pour adorer Dieu,
Je danse.
Quand je ne peux pas chanter,
Je danse.
Quand le chant n’est pas sufficiant,
Je danse.
Non  pas parce que je peux,
Mais parce que je ne peux pas arrêter,
Je danse.

For those of you who don’t speak French, that means

When the music plays,
I dance.
To have fun,
I dance.
To worship God,
I dance.
When I can’t sing,
I dance.
When singing isn’t enough,
I dance.
Not because I can,
But because I can’t stop.
I dance.

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You convince them
Their lifestyle is fine
When we can both see
They’re hurting themselves.
Of course you know,
This means war.

Cheap reflections,
Facets of you,
Twisted shadows of me,
Take hold of the world.
Of course you know,
This means war.

They say to me,
“Stay out of our schools.
Our kids should be free
To go their own way.”
Of course you know,
This means war.

Then you kill them,
Rip the little ones
From mothers’ wombs.
Their infant screams haunt me.
Of course you know,
This means war.

The fight between
Your soldiers and mine
Has cost many lives.
One life is too much.
Of course you know,
This is war.

You’re thrown from your throne
To the outer dark,
With weeping, wailing,
And gnashing of teeth.
I think you know,
That was the end of war.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please stop friendzoning! The Friendzone is this thing where a girl says a guy is  her best friend, but she wouldn’t date him. I don’t know if that’s because she thinks it’s because he’s not good enough or too good. I don’t do it because it’s stupid. If a guy is good enough to be a close friend, he’s good enough to be a potential date. Of course there are guys that already have girlfriends but I’m still friends with them, which is different. I’m talking about single guys here, or at least if they were single. And of course there are guys that I would only be friends with at arms’ length, and others I don’t want anything to do with, but anyone I allow as close as that up there would be the kind of guy I’d say yes to if he asked me out.

Now, what other girls do should be of no real concern to me, except that it alters other people’s general worldview and from there the world I live in. What I mean is, girls friendzone nice guys (for some reason I’ll never figure out) and go for the *********s instead. Then those nice guys think, “Well if girls don’t like me, maybe I’m gay.” Other people will tell them that, too, if they’re not all into sports and stuff (which is another really stupid thing wrong with the world). So, the few of us girls who have  a bit of sense see these nice guys for what they really are, but now these guys are split into two parts. One set of guys gives in to the pressure and decides they’re gay. (Have you ever noticed that you’ll find a lot more gay guys than lesbian girls? Yeah, societal pressure does that.) The other set of guys thinks those of us who may actually like like them are just friendzoning them too, which becomes a major problem it’s really hard for a girl to hint that she likes this guy in such a way that is subtle, but he actually takes the hint. So she can’t go out with him unless the girl wants to ask him out, which is a bad idea because then he’ll get scared away and… yeah. To summarize: If a guy’s used to being friendzoned, it becomes a lot harder for a girl to go out with him.

Now, occasionally a guy does this too, so I know from my female friends that it is quite annoying. The moral of the story is: if a person of the opposite gender is worth enough to you to be a really close friend, can you try to see them for what they really are? As I’ve been advised more than once, “Marry your best friend.”

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P.S. This is compiled from talking to friends, not from personal experience. :P

I just spent a month at a program called Shad Valley (which I hope to tell you about in another post soon), and I had some… interesting… conversations with a guy named Mohammad from Saudi Arabia. As you might be able to tell from the name, he’s a Muslim. If you know me or have read any of my posts before, you probably know I’m a Christian. So of course Mo and I discussed what it is we believe. He pointed out how odd it is that God only forgives someone after their sin has been paid for by blood. It’s even weirder that, since Jesus and God are the same guy, God had to harm himself to forgive us. And you know what, when explained like that, it is really weird. But you know what, Mo? This one’s for you.

Let’s take a look at human judicial systems, shall we? First of all, while we’re on the topic, I want to answer a question that many others have posed to me: if it’s a sin for humans to judge, why is it ok for God to judge? Well, in our justice system, the public does not issue fines to each other or sentence each other to jail. That’s for an authority figure, like a judge, to do in a courtroom. So, when it come to much bigger matters like where the soul is going to end up, it’s not a job for another human, but for the supreme authority, God.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, justice. Well,  in human justice systems, if you do something wrong, there’s some sort of punishment  or retribution that the offender has to suffer because of what they’ve done. It only makes sense, right? If there was no consequences, what’s there to stop a person from doing wrong? Now imagine that somebody was allowed to voluntarily take the punishment for a criminal. Actually, I think that’s legal in some places (not that it’s often done). The “price” of the crime, if you will, would still be paid, but the offender himself or herself would be let off scott free.

Let’s translate this into a spiritual sense. According to the Bible, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” (Romans 6:23) So instead of a fine or jail time, the Supreme Judge says that all criminals – that is, sinners – deserve the death penalty. Harsh, I know, since “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) But, luckily, there’s that thing that allows someone else to die instead. A couple thousand years ago, before the death and resurrection of Christ, people would sacrifice animals in their place. However, since animal lives are not equal to human lives, each animal that died only covered a couple of sins, and people had to kill a lot of lambs and goats and bulls and doves and stuff.

Then, along come these religious leaders called Pharisees. They took the God’s Law, which listed what was a sin and what wasn’t, as well as the proper punishment for each, and added their own ideas to it, so that people were being oppressed to the point of not seeing what God wanted through all the Pharisees’ traditions and opinions they sold as just as important as the Law. So, the Supreme Judge decided to fulfill the Law once and for all, by sending His own Son, Jesus, to be a final sacrifice, worth enough to cover the infinite sins of humanity throughout the ages.

God could have saved Jesus from death on the cross, but in doing so would have abandoned humanity to the Law, which was becoming more corrupt all the time, and it would have become nearly impossible for a person to remain righteous in the eyes of the Law. He still did save Jesus, though. When Jesus had been dead for three days, He came back to life! The implications of the resurrection are many, and a good topic for a post on another day, perhaps. But the point is, because of His death and then victory over death, all a person has to do now is believe, repent, and  accept forgiveness, and their sins are wiped clean off the record. Repentance doesn’t just mean saying sorry (although that’s a part of it), it has more to do with actually, truly, deep down, being sorry, which only God and you can know for sure. In that way, forgiveness is free, but it doesn’t excuse sin.

See Mo? Does it make a bit more sense now?
To Mo and everyone else, thanks for reading!
~Another Jesus Freak

My Username

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Site news

As anybody reading this would likely know, my username/pseudonym on this blog is “AnotherJesusFreak”. Shortly after creating this username, it was made known to me that there is a certain awesome song called “Jesus Freak”. I figured I should share this with everybody.

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P.S. I can rap along with both verses without the lyrics on screen. You know, ‘cuz I’m just that cool.

I’ve learned a lot since school let out for the summer. It may be nothing monumental, but it’s the kind of stuff about myself and about my culture that they just can’t teach in a classroom. Well, they try but it doesn’t often stick.

A road trip I didn’t want to take taught me that a summer job as a tour guide is something I want to try, and that learning French can get you far, even in something as simple as that. On this same road trip, a tour of an aquarium showed me that I absolutely do not want to be a marine biologist (too slimy), but being a lab technician would be more interesting than I thought. (Microscopes are fun!)

One of my friends dropped by last night, and I even managed to find a lesson in that. You see, he’s on a road trip, and underestimated the amount of time it would take to get here. He had planned to spend the night in a place that’s actually two hours away, but by the time he got here it was about eight in the evening. So, my parents offered him the sofa for the night. Which lead me to think about history. Years ago, as my grandfather would say, if somebody needed a meal or a place to stay the night, you just gave it to them. It could be  a friend of a friend, or someone you just met, it didn’t matter. I mean, my friend was going by car and the distance between places was still too much. These travellers back then would have gone by boat, horse, or on foot. You couldn’t just turn them out into the cold and say, “They’ll find a place to stay,” when it could be a day’s trek to the next town. I guess I just kind of figured that out last night.

Just writing this post has made me realize that these are the kind of things that can only be learned if a person allows it. I can only learn these things if I take hold of certain moments, words, feelings, and thoughts, and analyze them a bit. Not to completely dissect them so far that they lose their original meaning, but just enough so that I can take a feeling like, “Ew, this seaweed is gross,” and translate it into “Marine biology is not for me!”

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~Another Jesus Freak

Lion’s Den

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Christianity, Poetry
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Deep down in the den,
All the light is eaten
By the hungry monsters
Playing in his head.

Feline features found,
Yellow-green and glowing,
Thirsting for the blood
Of God’s holy one.

Waiting for a saviour
To take me from the night.
Can you hear me, God?
Are you there?

Rumble, rumble, roar.
The lions feast tonight.
Closing in on him,
He’s praying for death.

An angel appears above
To shut the lions’ mouths
Death has lost all power
Over God’s beloved.