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I am against abortion.

I believe life begins at conception, although there is enough of a gray area that I will not tell another woman not to use hormonal contraception, even though it works by preventing implantation.

I believe that ending a pregnancy once is has begun is killing a child. No two ways about it.

Today I saw a picture of a woman holding a coat hanger in front of her belly button, with the words “Never go back”. The person who made this image is threatening that babies will be killed, and if the cannot legally kill babies in hospitals, here’s the murder weapon. That is so painful to me, it turns my stomach.

Adoption is always an option. Babies who are given to adoptive parents as soon as they are born NEVER have to spend time in foster care, because many families want to adopt a newborn.

I care about every life. I care about the mother who medically cannot carry the baby to term because she will die before the baby can survive outside of her. In that case, one life must be ended to save another, lest by inaction they both die. She shouldn’t have to have a coat hanger abortion, because a doctor should save her life.

I care about the woman who chooses to abort under a lot of pressure from many sides, because she lives in a country where it could cost her job and then thousands of dollars just to carry the child to term (I’m looking at you, United States). She shouldn’t have to have a coat hanger abortion, because paid maternity leave and free healthcare should be available to her.

I care about the teenager who was raped and ended up pregnant. While I cannot imagine the pain she must feel, I also care about the baby growing inside of her. She shouldn’t have to have a coat hanger abortion, because her community should support her with love and with proper counselling, and as soon as the baby is born, adoptive parents should be there to provide a stable, safe, loving home for the child.

I care about the woman with no sex ed and no access to contraception (I’m still looking at you, United States. Some parts, anyway), who did not realize that she could get pregnant that way. She shouldn’t have to have a coat hanger abortion, because both of those things should have been provided in the first place.

So tell me, who is it that has to have a coat hanger abortion?


When I heard about this group that was coming to YC last fall (2014), I was skeptical. They’re such a girly-girl group, I expected music full of fluff and no substance. But I kept an open mind, and snagged a spot right front-and-center by the stage – because if nothing else, their set promised to be entertaining. Boy was I surprised. They were entertaining, yes, and utterly covered in glitter, but they are a really good, wholesome group if you like girls singing upbeat pop. They only have one album, ten songs, all on their Vevo channel, but every song is insanely catchy and they’ve all got a great message.

Sure, they’ve got some fluffy, typical girly songs – like Count Your Rainbows. But they also have tearjerkers like Daddy’s Girl – gets me every time! There’s songs that are great when you’re feeling down and out, like In The Eyes. Or, if you prefer songs you can sing to God, instead of about Him, you can listen to one of my personal favourites Live For You. The one that really struck me, though, was 1 Girl Nation which is SO Christian, and so positive even from a secular mindset. It’s all about girls sticking together even though they’re different, rather than being catty and petty to one another. Like, wow, am I right?

So… I bought the CD. I even got it signed. One of the band members recognized me from being front and centre. Or maybe it was my TARDIS hat she recognized. Either way it was cool. I played their songs on my radio show as often as I could, though not as often as I like because of CRTC rules and stuff. (But let me tell you, it’s odd announcing “And next up is 1 Girl Nation, by 1 Girl Nation, from their CD 1 Girl Nation.”) And, I think you all should go have a listen to some of them songs up there and have a look through the others.

Pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world can be summed up in two words: misplaced love. You’ve got your obvious love of money, power, control, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. That’s the kind of love that causes thievery and wars and oppression and a variety of other unsavory topics. Everyone’s heard that the love of money is the root of all evil. Well, it is. But there’s also love poorly placed within humanity.

There are four kinds of love. In English, we just call it all “love”. But in ancient Greek, they had words that distinguished between the four. I’m no scholar in the ancient terms, but those are the words I’m going to use in this post just to tell them all apart.

Agape is the most pure of the four loves. It refers to a spiritual love, an unconditional love that does not require anything in return. This is the kind of love that happens between God and humans, and the kind of love that people show when they are doing something for someone who can never repay them.

Then there is storge. While the internet varies on the technical definition of this term, I’m going to use it here to signify the love felt between parents and their offspring. It is the closest thing to agape that usually falls under our definition of love.

Next is philos, which literally means brotherly love. Think of words like bibliophile, a lover of books, or Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. It is between siblings, of course, but also between platonic friends and it refers to the love of all humankind when seen as a family.

Then we come to the one that causes all the trouble. Eros love. The word reminds me of “error” and “errant”, like this kind of love means you’re messing up. It can mean that, but it doesn’t have to. All types of romantic love fall under eros, from infatuation and lust right up to long-term marriage.

Eros love gets people in trouble with sin because it’s designed to be between a husband and wife. Under those circumstances and under control, it’s a beautiful thing! The problem is, people feel a little bit of attraction for someone, and they recognize that eros love and want to take it all the way. Eros taken to the extreme causes sex before marriage, teen pregnancy, rampant STDs, love affairs, and even rape. It’s when people get infatuated and don’t control themselves because, as they say, “It’s love!”

Another problem is that people mistake philos and other kinds of love for eros. Mistaking philos for eros is what makes it super awkward for a guy and a girl to be alone in a room together. It’s also what makes a girl say, “I’m really close to my best friend, we’re closer than sisters. I think I should ask her on a date.” She’s mistaking the philos love she feels for her friend for the eros love meant for her husband. Confusing agape, storge, and philos  with eros cause all sorts of messed up stuff like rape and child molestation.

Basically, society as a whole thinks that to love someone means to love them in an eros way. People who crave attention often get it in the form of eros love by being promiscuous. Two people who are best friends, no matter what gender, are deluded into thinking that their philos love for each other is eros, and they act on that. (Fan fiction writers, specifically slash shippers, I’m looking at you.) An adult who wishes to mentor children, even in a group setting, must have a background check done to make sure they will not turn their agape love for these kids into eros. It’s so messed up that we have to do that.

Look, I’m not proposing a solution to any of this state that the world is in right now. I’m just saying, here’s where I think the root of the problem lies. Maybe trying to work at the root will help fix the foliage.

Thanks for reading!

Ladies and gentlemen, please stop friendzoning! The Friendzone is this thing where a girl says a guy is  her best friend, but she wouldn’t date him. I don’t know if that’s because she thinks it’s because he’s not good enough or too good. I don’t do it because it’s stupid. If a guy is good enough to be a close friend, he’s good enough to be a potential date. Of course there are guys that already have girlfriends but I’m still friends with them, which is different. I’m talking about single guys here, or at least if they were single. And of course there are guys that I would only be friends with at arms’ length, and others I don’t want anything to do with, but anyone I allow as close as that up there would be the kind of guy I’d say yes to if he asked me out.

Now, what other girls do should be of no real concern to me, except that it alters other people’s general worldview and from there the world I live in. What I mean is, girls friendzone nice guys (for some reason I’ll never figure out) and go for the *********s instead. Then those nice guys think, “Well if girls don’t like me, maybe I’m gay.” Other people will tell them that, too, if they’re not all into sports and stuff (which is another really stupid thing wrong with the world). So, the few of us girls who have  a bit of sense see these nice guys for what they really are, but now these guys are split into two parts. One set of guys gives in to the pressure and decides they’re gay. (Have you ever noticed that you’ll find a lot more gay guys than lesbian girls? Yeah, societal pressure does that.) The other set of guys thinks those of us who may actually like like them are just friendzoning them too, which becomes a major problem it’s really hard for a girl to hint that she likes this guy in such a way that is subtle, but he actually takes the hint. So she can’t go out with him unless the girl wants to ask him out, which is a bad idea because then he’ll get scared away and… yeah. To summarize: If a guy’s used to being friendzoned, it becomes a lot harder for a girl to go out with him.

Now, occasionally a guy does this too, so I know from my female friends that it is quite annoying. The moral of the story is: if a person of the opposite gender is worth enough to you to be a really close friend, can you try to see them for what they really are? As I’ve been advised more than once, “Marry your best friend.”

Thanks for reading!

P.S. This is compiled from talking to friends, not from personal experience. :P

One of my friends gave me a book for Christmas called “Set-Apart Femininity.” (First of all, just the word femininity is a tongue twister.) It talks about honouring God with your life and honouring the purity of marriage. I’m sure my friend meant well, and this in no way reflects on her, but I find that kind of book rather sexist. Like, seriously, doesn’t this stuff apply to guys just as much as girls? On top of that, I don’t really want anybody trying to tell me how to be feminine! I’ll be feminine if I want, I’ll be a tomboy if I want.

I sometimes wonder… am I anyone’s “only one”? The only one they can have a good intellectual conversation with, the only one with the same tastes in music, the only one who not only professes but actually practices the same beliefs? I know, for me, there’s somebody that’s all of those. I’ve wondered if we somehow have two parts of the same brain. He’s even sometimes said exactly what I was thinking, without knowing it.

“Set-Apart Femininity” deals a lot with love. It says that in order to preserve his masculine power or something and my feminine mystique, under no circumstances should I take any sort of initiative, just wait for him to get the courage to talk to me. Really? I don’t know about that. What if he’s shy and sensitive and I’m outgoing, but other than that we’re perfectly compatible? “Oh, just wait for him. He’ll man up, and if not, somebody better will come along.” HA! Nice. The book also falsely assumes I want a man that’s going to take charge, be in control and protect me, like I’m some kind of damsel in distress that has to be rescued. Listen up, guys: if there’s a dragon to fight, I am grabbing a sword and doing my fair share of the fighting. (On a side note, I won’t be wearing Xena-esque or otherwise “fantasy” armour that leaves my chest and legs exposed, either, but that’s an entirely different subject.)

Here’s another thing: I don’t care if my eventual boyfriend and someday husband is tall, strong, handsome, and the most amazing guitar player in the school (although any of those would be nice, you know.) And this may seem to go against a bunch of stuff I already said, but it really doesn’t. I want a guy who’s got a strong personality. Someone who doesn’t make me fight the dragons alone, but who doesn’t want me to sit out the battles. Who writes/sings songs/poems for/about me, but who will let me sing for him, too.

Thanks for letting me rant at you :)